Florida Security Licenses

Florida Security Licenses

Professional Security Licenses in Florida 

In the State of Florida, licenses are required to work in private security. Proprietary positions are not required to maintain a security license, but many in-house security departments do require the state licenses for their staff. The state has licenses for managers, security officers, armed security, investigators, and instructors. Having credentials for the private security help the resume to show the professionalism of the manager and their staff. If a security manager is seeking to find employment opportunities in Florida, then they should seek to acquire the Class MB License for Security Managers, or the M License for Security & Investigations Manager.

The Class D Security License is the required license to work security services in the State of Florida. This requires 40 hours of professional security training at a licensed security school. This may be waived if the applicant was prior law enforcement. If a manager will be responsible for security staff, it is highly recommended to take the course to learn the state laws, use of force and the ins and outs of the private security sector. Plus it is a great way to recruit potential staff. To work in an armed capacity as a security manager or investigator then the Statewide Firearms Class G License is required in conjunction with a class D security license or class C private investigators license.

Our chapter highly recommends obtaining your professional security training licenses and any questions about acquiring licenses contact our Vice Chairman Pat Miller, who also sits on the states advisory council for Private Investigations, Recovery, and Security Advisory Council (PIRSAC). Licenses sound difficult but are easy to acquire if you take the right steps in the process.


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